20160622_122126~2 About William

I personally lost my home due to job loss and subsequent foreclosure back in 2004. It was NOT fun. The lack of information or help that was available to me at the time was simply amazing. It was this life experience that forced me to educate myself on Real Estate law, sales strategy and transactions. That education then became the basis for William’s Home Solution. 

Now I’m not a native Houstonian (as I was born on Kessler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS) but, as the saying goes, “I got here as quick as I could.” My father transferred to Houston with the Air Force when I was four and I’ve been here ever since.

My background and formal education are in Finance and Financial services.  18 years of it to be exact, but I always had an “itch” for Real Estate that I’d scratch from time-to-time.  It took the life-changing event of losing my home to give me the direction and focus I needed to pursue it full time. 

I am most proud of my 9-year old son Quay who I am raising as a single father.  He’s awesome!

If you’ve read this far into my site, I applaud you. I expect to earn your business and look forward to the opportunity to do so.  Thanks for your consideration.


About Brian

Brian has a passion for life and being his best self – personally and professionally. He’s been in sales since moving from Austin to Houston after graduating college and has lived in and around the area for over 18 years.

After being a part of several start-up companies and finding success in the medical device business, he was able to start his own distribution company. He finds joy in helping others, which is what got he and his family into their first real estate venture. Since then, he is committed to developing relationships and helping individuals and families with any home need. He has experience not only in sales, but also construction management and finance.

He has two young children with his wife Kayce, Grant (age 4) and Avery (age 2), all are now happily settled in Katy.


About Kayce

Kayce is Brian’s wife and mommy to two amazing children – Grant and Avery. She has over 12 years of marketing, design and project management experience in both the corporate and private sectors. After receiving her degree from Texas A&M University (Whoop!) Kayce’s career brought her to Houston and since then Brian and her family moved to Katy. This is where they both met William.

Kayce has since discovered her love for the real estate business and is passionate about helping others, design, marketing and selling properties, as well as bringing a fresh perspective to WHS (she’s the brains!) Kayce grew up in a very small Texas town, and prides herself on being personable, but she’s also knowledgeable and very hard working.

In her free time, Kayce enjoys spending time with her family and competing in triathlons.

About William's Home Solution

William's Home Solution is a real estate solutions company based out of Katy.  We’re a family oriented business and focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell your property, or frankly just need to sell their house for any and all kinds of reasons.  Our goal is to be the Solution to your Real Estate Concern.

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